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Innovations in the world of payment and consumer trends that accompany them are changing on a daily basis, and in this way, they are altering our habits and lives in general. This is especially evident in the rapidly growing market of Unattended POS Terminals, which can be increasingly encountered in our hectic everyday lives. Long gone is the time of simple vending machines offering chocolate bars and crisps. However, this period was very important and has laid solid foundations for the development of Unattended POS Terminals and the new possibilities brought by this technology. The time has come for great growth and changes in this segment, leading the existing cashless payment industry in a new direction.

When we think of Unattended POS Terminals and vending machines, we often visualize a machine at the far end of a corridor with vague directions for use and causing justifiable fears about getting your change. There is also the very familiar situation at a parking lot when we try to find coins on the bottom of our bag in a hurry or we hope that we have a tenner left over to pay for parking, knowing that the closest money exchange kiosk is at an unacceptable distance. Taking today’s technological capabilities into account, such situations should be a thing of the past; old machines are being replaced by new, sophisticated machines which offer a service that is always available and fast, making their use and our everyday lives easier in the process.

Cashless & contactless payment on the rise

Unattended POS Terminals and vending machines with the possibility of cashless and contactless payment are increasingly common, for example in launderettes for the payment of laundry services and purchase of cleaning supplies. Next are automatic carwashes which, along with cashless payment, also offer the possibility of purchasing other supplies such as window cleaning products, air fresheners or paper towels. Let us not forget about vending machines for food and drinks and those that offer other products such as earphones, cables or school supplies. Cashless payments are also unavoidable on highways.

In addition to the advancements in business processes, Unattended POS Terminals are also experiencing strong growth because they meet users’ demands and priorities. Given that their use is simple and speeds up the payment process, and adding to this the fast-growing trend of contactless payments, Unattended POS Terminals are finding their users and their purpose very quickly and easily. This technology is available 24/7/365, which saves the user’s time, reduces stress and offers the possibility of control, i.e. it brings many advantages and as such it has a bright future. As the main driving forces of this industry, banks issue clients with contactless cards which enable fast and simple payments of smaller amounts by touching the card against the terminal without entering a PIN. Such micropayments are the key benefit of Unattended POS Terminals on vending machines.