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Makes it easy for your customers to interact and engage with your bank

Modern banks pay special attention to what our platform can do for them. Meet the ASEE Digital Banking platform and see why banks just love the results and value it brings to their day-to-day operations and key business metrics.

4x times less time spent on customer onboarding

Up to 30% more up and cross-sell opportunities

No less than 20% saving in operational costs

Decrease in customer churn by 30%

Experience the full power of omnichannel for banking

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Meet key Digital Banking benefits that help banks exceed at making customers happy all the time.

Meet and exceed customer expectations with flexible and scalable omnichannel banking solutions with whom you could easily deploy new web and mobile features that make a positive impact on customers day to day life over all touchpoints.

Decrease customer churn rate by reducing users app spend time for more than 20%

Enabling customers to spend less time within the app by implementing a beautiful user interface means you will create additional free time for your customers to spend with their family or use for strategic things like browsing for better loans or new financial opportunities.

Help customers solve their real needs – a fully personalized way

Understanding the real needs of your customers, segmenting them into specific groups and fully understanding patterns and behavior opens a new horizon to the banking marketing, product and sales department to create a product that really matters and that customers will love to have.

Upsell at any time over all channels and avoid being SPAM-y

Getting to know which message to deliver at what time while addressing the real problems your customers are facing is what makes your online banking solutions a sales machinery that works 24/7. Our AI power solutions help you sell in a fully personalized way and scale it easily to thousands of customers.

Upgrade your frontline employees to become a superior sales machines

Who truly understands customers? Your frontline employees are in the closest contact with bank customers doing their best to give great customer service and sell products and services. This is why software should help them not juggle with many outdated applications but focusing more time on meaningful sales conversation.

Sleep safe while you’re digital solutions are fully compliant with the regulations and security standards

Digital Edge covers everything from strong authentication and complex authorisation solutions so you could sleep well knowing that your solution is safe from hackers, data bridges etc. covering full GDPR compliance.

Easily communicate with your customers over the channel they prefer

Anything from SMS, email, video, social media, or any other channels is fully embedded into ASEE digital banking platform so you can communicate to your customers over the channel they prefer the most. Make your bank easy to engage with and prepare for next-gen customers.

Why do banks that use Digital Banking platform gets positive customer feedback?

No need to visit a branch anymore

The longer it takes to onboard a new customer, the higher drop-off numbers are. Our platform comes with a pre-packaged eKYC/AML so you could deliver a hassle-free and compliant process which will delight your customers while you see higher completion rates in your reports.

Increased go to market speed

Be one step ahead of the competition and launch innovation faster than ever. Banks using our digital banking platform see increased go-to-market team’s productivity as you will be able to mix, match and reuse features and functionalities.

Cardless cash withdrawals

With the cardless cash feature in the bank app, your customers can securely withdraw cash without using a card. Also, they can arrange for someone else to collect the money for them which will improve efficiency between the bank and a customer and make you a preferred bank.

No more insufficient time lost on transaction forms

There is no person that enjoys the time spent filling out the forms. That is why we automatize the process and save your bank customers time for something more efficient.

But what about the things you can not fully measure?

Like customer happiness and loyalty.

Tens of leading banks trust Digital Banking to deliver intuitive solutions that users worldwide will love. We asked some of them to express how they customers feel like using Digital Banking solutions.

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