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The CIB Bank mobile banking for retail customers, developed by Asseco SEE as a part of the DigiCal project of Intesa Sanpaolo Group, was successfully launched into production at the end of February. It was developed from a clean slate, including the design and technical background, and resulted in a beautiful inside & out application and the most advanced user experience.

The scope of the service functionalities includes account transactions, simplified transfers, scan and pay postal cheques for transfer, savings overviews, a built-in token for accessing the CIB Internet Bank, account balances, login and transaction authorization with fingerprint identification. The application and the whole DigiCal project, which covers all Intesa Sanpaolo subsidiary banks outside Italy, are based on the latest development trends and innovative architectural concepts for mobile applications. Adaptive elements on server side result in more flexibility in terms of the information displayed in the mobile application, and minimize the need for updates of client applications in cases of changes.

With focus on simplicity, customer experience and sales, the new mobile application positions CIB Bank as an innovative financial institution, and reinforces a positive brand image. At the same time it increases the satisfaction of existing clients with simpler bespoke services that provide more independence and attract new clients. The application also serves as a new sales and communications channel using product advertisements and personalized offers.

The next application update planned for July this year will include new functionalities like mobile balance top-up, card activation and limit modification, ATM and branch search, and push messages. In the future more interesting functionalities such as smart authentication, gamified savings, payment-splitting with friends, branch locator with QMS, integration with Apple watch etc. will be introduced.