Download a free PSD2 Regulatory Guidance document to have a structured explanation of PSD2 requirements and recommendations on how to address them. You will gain valuable information about:

  • PSD2 purpose and conventions
  • What is required by PSD2 and how to address it?
  • Providing access to accounts (XS2A) to TPPS
  • Implementing strong customer authentication (SCA)
  • Handing exemptions from SCA to reduce friction
  • Monitoring transactions for risk and fraud


You can also take a look at our webinar recording: Solve your compliance puzzle with PSD2 Enabler or schedule a free consulting session with our experts.

If you are searching for a PSD2-ready technology provider but struggling with the guidelines and requirements you should have on the list, you can leave your worries behind and download a free PSD2 RFP template.