MeDirect, one of Malta’s leading savings and wealth management banks, and Asseco SEE have signed an agreement on the implementation of Asseco SEE’s comprehensive solution, which enables banks and financial institutions to meet PSD2 requirements. Asseco SEE was chosen in a competitive procurement process among leading international vendors.

This project includes the delivery of the PSD2 Enabler package, which incorporates three market-proven products critical for PSD2 compliance; exposing PSD2 APls and managing consents with Digital Edge, enabling strong customer authentication with SxS, and transaction monitoring with lnACT.

Choosing from several international software vendors, MeDirect Bank selected Asseco SEE to support us on the path towards regulatory compliance. Asseco SEE was unique in offering the solution covering all major aspects of PSD2 – publishing APIs, managing consent, strong customer authentication, and transaction monitoring – as a single vendor. We have tackled the PSD2 challenge together, identified the necessary activities on both sides, and we are looking forward to meeting the compliance deadlines and achieving good business results together”, said Alanbek Yussupov, Head Of Business Development, MeDirect.

Reach compliance with Asseco SEE’s out-of-the-box solution and unique approach.

The Asseco SEE PSD2 Enabler package, which complies with the complete specifications of the Berlin Group, allows banks to achieve compliance and kick-start an open banking journey with minimal impact on their existing applications and infrastructure.

The PSD2 Enabler first helps banks meet compliance requirements in a lightweight, cost-effective manner. This is done by using strong customer authentication (SCA) across all digital channels, exposing dedicated Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 compliant APIs as a new channel optimized for TPP access, and introducing cross-channel transaction monitoring and risk analysis. Eight key components are pre-integrated in a PSD2 compliance focused implementation so that the deployment and maintenance effort is reduced to the minimum. As a service provider, Asseco SEE also offers the complete solution in a SaaS model hosted on Microsoft Azure EU data centers.

As a member of the NextGenPSD2 Implementation Support Program, Asseco SEE is making sure that its PSD2 Enabler implementation of Berlin Group API standards is interoperable, tested and certified.

For more information about Asseco SEE PSD2 Enabler package, please visit PSD2 Enabler or schedule a free consulting call.

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