As the clock is ticking and the first PSD2 deadline arrived, the banks in the European Union are working hard on the implementation of a PSD2 solution that will enable them to meet the compliance requirements and timeline. To comply with the first deadline, 14 March 2019, the banks need to have a “sandbox” environment ready, which is a publicly available testing facility, along with secure APIs, documentation, and support. The second deadline, 14 June 2019, demands from banks to enable execution of transactions in production allowing them three months until the critical moment in September. The final deadline, 14 September 2019, requires strong customer authentication (SCA) and access to accounts (XS2A) in place, as well as the fulfillment of other requirements specified in the PSD2 RTS.

Since the announcement of the first implementation of PSD2 Enabler at MeDirect Bank that operates in Malta and Belgium, Asseco SEE has partnered with a number of banks in the SEE region in order to provide them with the technology and support needed to be operational and compliant under PSD2. The company has been actively involved in projects with seven banks in Romania and Croatia, with first Sandboxes just delivered, which are among the markets where Asseco SEE is recognized as a reliable vendor with excellent knowledge of the local market and international know-how.

The PSD2 implementation projects include deployment of PSD2 Enabler, an end-to-end solution compliant with the Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 API standard and NISP certification, in the form that suits banks’ requirements best – either as on-premise or SaaS model. Regardless of the choice, the PSD2 Enabler package supports banks in a lightweight, cost-effective manner by exposing dedicated XS2A API as a new channel optimized for TPP access, using SCA across all digital channels, and introducing cross-channel transaction monitoring and risk analysis. Asseco SEE is able to achieve this thanks to its market-proven products – Digital Edge, SxS, and InAct – which form the comprehensive PSD2 solution package.

PSD2 Enabler in Cloud

With the PSD2 deadlines closing in, an investment-friendly yet bulletproof PSD2 solution which can be quickly deployed is an option to go for some banks. Hosted on Microsoft Azure platform in a data center in the EU that complies with the stringent requirements of SOC3, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, the PSD2 Enabler in the SaaS model has been offered by Asseco SEE since the beginning of the year. All solution components are delivered as a container which enables flexibility, secure management and portability between a cloud service provider and own data center if needed. With no setup or investment in the infrastructure on a bank’s side, this model allows banks to take advantage of quick deployment, maintenance provided by Asseco SEE and achieving PSD2 compliance with minimum changes to your existing system!

To learn more about the PSD2 Enabler and discuss the option that fits your needs best, either on-premise or SaaS, you can schedule a free consulting call with our experts or contact us for more details.


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