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Digital transformation is no longer a thing of the future. We are witnessing the rapid development and breakout of numerous technologies, such as AI, intelligent apps and things, virtual and augmented reality, digital technology platforms, etc. It’s only a matter of time when all business activities will be fully transformed by digital disruption. Following the same trend, the traditional banking model has also been challenged by digital transformation that requires immediate action.

Digital banking strategy

In order to be competitive on the market, each bank is considering how to adapt and which strategic approach to apply to meet the new requirements. There are various challenges, including budget, general strategy, security, regulatory compliance and change of the bank’s culture and atmosphere, according to the downloadable Asseco SEE’s report on Digital Transformation Survey carried out among bankers in SEE. However, with the leadership of CIOs, involvement of employees empowered to implement new technologies and a bank-wide digital mindset, digital transformation of banks, powered by a strong digital banking strategy and dependable IT partners, is on the path to success.

Digitally-savvy customers

In business, it’s all about customers and knowing their needs and wishes. But traditional customers have changed. An increasing number of bank clients are digital natives with an online lifestyle. Learning, shopping, playing, socializing are going digital, and the same is expected from banking. The consumers nowadays look for convenience, speed and proper timing of the services they want. If their bank can’t supply what they need, some other provider will – be it telecoms, fintechs, digital banks, based on our survey. Retaining and attracting customers has become tougher than ever.

Digital customer engagement

Maintaining loyalty of the new-profile customers can still be achieved, using different means – engagement through digital channels. The options range from digital advisors, offers through social media, to gamification. Mobile banking is indispensable, but it can be enhanced up to the new level of providing consistent experience across all channels – omnichannel banking.

Digital banking expectations

The relationships between banks and customers are reshaping. Customers expect to bank in a simplified and personalized way, with more responsive interaction, not disturbing their everyday life, when and how they want. Therefore, digital banking needs to be agile and incorporated into every single aspect of living in the digital era.

Digital transformation technologies

To do it right, or, better to say, to do it at all, it is important to apply appropriate technologies. Apart from the support of IoT, new data mining skills, financial decoupling from traditional legacy frameworks is also necessary in terms of technology platforms. According to our survey, top three technological priorities related to customer engagement include integration of systems, development of front-end applications and mapping of processes.

Digital transformation partners

The bank of the future is now reality. Living in the age when everything that can be digitized will be means adaptation to new customer’s requirements and calls for a firm co-operation of banks and IT providers. Asseco SEE, as a reliable and supporting pillar in this process, offers not only solutions and services, but also guidance and assistance on the digital transformation journey. Just some of the examples are successful launching of the first digital bank, Telenor banka, and the first paperless branch in Serbia.

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If you are interested in the progress of digital transformation in banking in SEE, you can take a sneak peek at the infographic below and download Digital Transformation Survey Report.