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By 1 min readPublished On: November 7, 2016Categories: digital banking, digital strategy, digital transformation1 Comment

The time is coming when we will no longer talk about digital banking, but banking in a digital world, like Keith Weed from Unilever said.

Technology is transforming businesses at the speed of light and the most adaptable to change are the ones that stay ahead and, let’s admit it, that survive. Digital transformation of banking, an industry highly receptive to embracing IT breakthroughs, implies an integrated use of modern technologies in all business operations, e.g. through the use of Internet and Mobile Banking.

So, what are the current trends? Have the banks started implementation of their digital banking strategies? Which channels are winning the battle – digital or traditional? How to provide seamless customer experience across different channels? How to attract and engage customers? When are banks planning to fully digitise their processes? And more importantly, when are YOU planning to make this move?

To lend you a hand in the implementation of this inevitable process, Asseco SEE carried out “Digital Transformation Survey in Banking – 2016” among 140 bankers across Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Slovenia, Serbia and other European countries. Have the valuable information at your hand and download the survey findings now!