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By 1.8 min readPublished On: June 17, 2019Categories: APIs, authentication, digital banking, digital origination, PSD20 Comments

At Digital Touchpoint conference in Zagreb, leading IT development solutions experts, together with partners, presented a number of successful solutions for digitalizing business operations in banking, payment and other industries. The conference organized by Asseco SEE and Payten attracted more than 150 participants from Croatia and the region.

In addition to presenting current trends in banking and the experience and practice of introducing instant payments, one of the hot topics were the changes PSD2 regulation brings to the financial market: despite the initial caution with new players entering the market, it is expected that open banking will erase the borders between industries and forge new alliances for example between banks and fintechs and between banks themselves. The customers will have easier access to financing, and will see some completely new and innovative services. On the side of banks, it is possible that specialization of banks and robotic banking will evolve. Asseco SEE has been active in the PSD2 field as a consultancy and technology provider for quite some time with its ready-to-use solution as on-premise or Cloud: PSD2 Enabler and PSD2 Enabler in Cloud.

The conference also highlighted the trend of product development aimed at creating highly personalized digital services that offer agility, flexibility and excellent user experience. One of such solutions presented at the conference that aims to help banks boost their sales is Digital Origination, which also enables establishing a firm relationship with new customers in 10 minutes and offering possibilities for extension with additional bank products.

A variety of other topics were covered as well in cooperation with our guests and partners, such as the role that artificial intelligence has in creating “human” factors in business and how it contributes to sales growth in a wide variety of sectors. From the product standpoint, several case studies were presented, such as new ATM user experience, 4 in 1 collaboration tool Live by Asseco, advanced digital signature and authentication methods, and much more.

We thank our sponsors and partners Microblink and nCipher.

More information about the conference can be found at Digital Touchpoint.