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At New Banking Vision 2016, a flagship conference  recently organized by Asseco SEE, some of the most captivating digital banking ideas were presented aiming to show how the banking world can be reinvented.

Digital banking goes beyond making payments via the Internet or mobile phone. It takes one step further than the expected and ordinary, being conveniently available at preferred time and place. With augmented solutions and services, banks can get closer to customers and make it easier to perform any transaction or inquiry, without any worries about the business hours, a location of the nearest branch or ATM, or availability of a personal banker. Digital banking is expected to adjust to preferences and to respond to requirements, virtually or by any (un)thinkable means of transport.

This article looks back on the most amazing ideas presented at New Banking Vision reminding us that more innovation is yet to come.

Digital banking before your eyes

Imagine you just got home and realized you needed a piece of advice from your bank or wanted to make an inquiry about a new product. It’s raining outside and you don’t feel like starting your car again and visiting a branch. In addition, you certainly don’t want to spend time reading brochures, instructions, or waiting another day to go to the bank. One day, this may be a ‘no problem’ at all. Just put on your smart glasses and a familiar face of your personal banker will appear before your eyes. Ask questions, perform transactions, obtain advice as conveniently as you like!

Digital banking rolling down the road

If you still insist on seeing your banker face to face, but would rather choose to meet them now in the pleasant atmosphere of your favorite café, the digital banking of the future will have something to offer. With various means of transportation available, imagine how convenient it would be if a mobile banker from the nearest branch office could arrive on a hover board in less than 30 minutes.

Digital banking in the air

How beautiful it would be if, next time when you are on the beach and lacking cash for drinks and treats, you could just send a message to your bank and expect to be saved by the drone! Use of drones is increasingly gaining a foothold in many industries. When it comes to digital banking and financial services in general, it is anticipated that they may be employed for delivery of cash, replacing your payment card, delivery of paper documents, etc.

We can assume that digital banking will cross all known boundaries in the future. As banks are trying to come up with more innovative solutions and services, a great enabler for getting closer to their customers is the rapid advancement of technology and Internet of Things. Hopefully, it will not take long before virtual banking through smart glasses, a mobile banker or drone banking becomes reality.

*All the photos are the property of Asseco SEE and were taken at New Banking Vision Conference 2016.